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Dec 4, 2013 3:00pm EST
standpoint as being relatively cheap environment. i do know from a historical standpoint they may not be the absolute cheapest, but it is still an attractive rate environment. i see this as a good time to think about strategic moves. liz: one more question about the stock market. i whip out to see the bubble pop? >> i have no idea. if you look at a lot of the transactions that have occurred, they have beenghtful, valuatione careful. we are in an environment look at the interest rate level and look at earnings, the market appears to in effect caught up with the earnings of the company. i can't really sit there and say there is a bubble or not, but my own view is it is still on pace. there is a huge desire for people to go ahead and be invested the cubbie companies ae buying back the stock, and that is an innovation of the value. liz: the tapering issue, is there a taper survival guide? at some point it has to end. we talk about there being a shot clock that has to run out. begin to scale back. >> the balance sheet is large given all the repurchases that have occurred. there is no s
Dec 4, 2013 5:00am PST
'll provide an environment where people can use smartphones more safely. >> other mobile phone carriers are also stepping up efforts to advise users not to use their smartphones while walking. >>> all right, that's going to do it for biz tonight. i'll leave you with the markets news and insight every day here on "newsline." >>> japanese prime minister shinzo abe has convened the first meeting of the newly established national security council. the council is modelled after the nsc in the united states. last week the diet enacted a law to create the body. abe met with four cabinet ministers, taro aso, yoshihide suga, fumio kishida. they discussed a new strategy to be completed by the end of the year and china's new air defense identification zone over the east china sea. >> translator: we, frankly, exchanged views on national security. it was a fruitful meeting. >> earlier, abe said the council will share information with foreign governments. >> translator: the nsc is an organization to protect the people of japan. for that purpose, it is important for the council to exchange intelligenc
Al Jazeera America
Dec 3, 2013 5:00am EST
about the tannery and the devastating impact on the environment and the people who live here. >> and joe will be here to tell us why it was snowing stuffed animals at a hockey game in canada and this is coming up, in sports, do stay with us. ♪ ♪ welcome back and this is the top stories on al jazeera, thai police are allowing protesters to enter the grounds of government buildings after being with them for days. and they say their campaign to topple the government will go on. ukraine's parliament will vote on a confidence motion against the government, the country's prime minister is warning that protests could turn into a coup and demonstrations are intensifying in kiev. and television is reporting the suicide attack in the capitol damascus killed four people and the blast is in the neighborhood and also injured 17 others and we will bring you more as we get it. iran's foreign minister told al jazeera u.s. sanctions didn't enforce them with the program, they want to be integrated at the same time protecting their interesting and we have more from washington. >> handshakes and smiles
Dec 3, 2013 12:00am PST
environment, and we were doing something that was not kosher. i understand it that way. we caught hell at home for doing this. much leisure. the reason i wanted to become an organ player is because i heard -- lay. it just struck me that was what i wanted to do with my life. that was the instrument i gravitated to. that is how i wound up sitting at that instrument trying to find a way to sound like ray charles. tavis: every instrument has its own voice, but there is something about that instrument that resonates. how would you describe how the oregon -- how the organ speaks o us? >> you can try to make that thing thing. unlike a piano. in a few seconds the sound is going to die down unless you strike it again. once you strike an organ, it is going to stay with you until you make it louder or softer or let it go. it is a little like a human voice, so you can put human characteristic with it. tavis: how would you incorporate it with the rest of your body of work? this fits in how? >> this is something of a 360 to me. it was my return to stax records. music is music that would have been ma
Dec 4, 2013 6:00am EST
his take on the current business environment coming up at the top of the hour. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with breast cancer or who have or might have prostate cancer, and women who are or may become pregnant or are breast-feeding, should not use androgel. serious side effects include worsening of an enlarged prostate, possible increased risk of prostate cancer, lower sperm count, swelling of ankles, feet, or body
Dec 3, 2013 2:00pm EST
environments. in other words, the lone wolf terrorist do not inherit from other states. they are a part of our society and subjects of the political and economic ideology and religious environments. in other words, many of them share values through the technology through the website and so forth. some operate on one basis of a single attack and some operate on multiple attacks. there were a number of studies that were developed over the years that we are trying to follow on a daily basis and i think that it requires a great deal of interest in terms of radicalization and international society tries to understand what can be done to deal with it. so ultimately the discussion would provide i think the initial context for the discussion and the first speaker as i mentioned is spike bowman who has a very rich background in the government and in the academic community and taking one course now sco w. and one for the interns he is a student in the class so to be paired with a class tomorrow. i think of spike is a very broad experience in the government and counterintelligence, and also various posit
Dec 6, 2013 6:00am EST
. considerable fiscal constraints. we're going to see environment -- it will allow for the underlying economy to look stronger. >> the bloomberg political analyst is with us -- sequestration in 2014 is different for him last year. >> they realize -- both sides realize they made a huge mistake. interesting point to me, we had a stock market high. we have housing rates out. we have more millionaires and billionaires. you have all of this data and then you have 75% of the country saying we are on the wrong track. >> will that look like going forward when you deal with the restructuring of fannie and freddie? will we see tightening standards and will that hurt the economy even more? >> i think that is one of the challenges. there are lasting scars. we will continue to see regulatory changes and adjustments. one of those is in the mortgage market. >> can i get a mortgage in 2014? doesn't change the radically that i cannot the mortgage? >> we could see some listening, but when we look back, it will look fundamentally different than what we had during the bubble. >> let's look at today's jobs report
Dec 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
strongly , but think about the policy environment that the bank of japan is committed to. that may yet mean more upside. -- when itlieve comes to japanese equities, we think a trailing approach may make more sense. getting in when the shorter-term policy environment looks attractive and not being afraid to take profits and looking for another opportunity to reenter. 12 monthsee it as a overweight type market. it might be too volatile for that in 2014. , surelyoped markets there should be something on the other side of that trade. >> a few months into the year, the way we look at it is that the rally this year has been multiple expansion. that has been driven by expectations that growth and earnings will be better down the line. approach theing to point where economic growth and earnings will need to deliver. that is why we may enter the year with a continuation of the rally we would have been witnessing this year. at this point, markets are likely to begin questioning that. when we come to the end of 2014, we might be sitting back and saying the economies did eventually deliver. there are l
Al Jazeera America
Dec 3, 2013 3:00am EST
industry, and the tef stating impact on the environment and the people who live here >> the top stories on al jazeera. thai place are allowing protesters to enter government buildings after clashing with them for days. the protesters wants to topple the government of yingluck shinawatra. >> a 24 hour curfew has been imposed in a nigerian city after fighters attacked the air force and base. dozens may be dead including 20 gunmen. >> ukraine's parliament is due to vote on a no confidence motion against the government in the coming hours. the country's prime minister warning that protests turned into a coup, demonstrations intensifying in kiev and crowds blockading the main buildings. >> the demonstrations in thailand are led by a former deputy prime minister. until three weeks ago suthep thaugsuban was a member of parliament. now he's wanted on charges of treason. we have more. >> he's a wanted man for his role in the anti-government protest. as suthep thaugsuban greets his supporters, the addualation is apparent. >> he's my inspiration, he brings all of us together. >> his aim is to get
Al Jazeera America
Dec 4, 2013 3:00am EST
children under the age of five. and this way climate change has an enormous influence on the environment and across human life. it can't be solved by the efforts of one country. it's a task for all humanity. >> an anticorruption movement is looking to break years of dom nation by the ruling congress party in elections in deli. voters are taking part in local assembly elections. the political choices they make this week could have a significant long-term impact on the entire country. >> a huge crowd gathers to hear from the man who wants to shake up indian politics. the election campaign of the common man's party took on a festive feel as it made its way through new delhi. the man leading it promises to succeed where others failed. voters will have to choose between a new political alternative and some of the states longest serving politicians. because people across the call tall are wary. she was responsible for the 2010 commonwealth games, which faced allegations of corruption. and also accused of mishandling the response to a gang rape in new delhi that made international headlines. >>
Dec 5, 2013 12:00am EST
district it works, we have to focus and make sure that those schools are welcoming, safe environments. welcoming, safe, and collaborative environments. you cannot show me a school that works or a district or a state or a country that works where the notion of collaboration as opposed to competition, the notion of a welcoming, safe environment so that schools are central to the community, are not the dominant theory as opposed to testing and sanctioning. that is what we are trying to do. solutions that are aligned with what communities need. we must rate neighborhood schools and try to make sure that public education is a hallmark of democracy and a propeller of our economy. most importantly, we must really make sure that we figure out how to enable all kids to have the opportunity to not only dream big, but achieve them. >> thank you. let me ask you one or two and then we will go to kimberly to start. let me ask you about the common core standards. you said, you think that obamacare is bad and the implementation of the common core is far worse. who is to blame and anyone stepping up t
Dec 4, 2013 9:00am PST
coalition partner were able to get back in the past. they argued the security environment in east asia is becoming more secure. north korea's missile and nuclear programs pose a threat to japan and china is becoming more active in the region critics say that didn't seem to help the under eye the demonstration of strength and security ties with the us they worry that this could not get a good time. trees are getting involved in the real conflict or war some say yes to these subdivisions of people to check what our leaders talk about and decide if the cost the other administration responded by adopting a resolution allowing the course of the nsc meetings to be kept in a way that does not compromise national security. however those records could be kept confidential. and though the secrecy. mr is trying to pass. some of you so moment to say that anything we need not work effectively with out any highest intelligence and information gathering service they are boys sitting out on a special agency. much like the c i came to us and among sixteen cricket. mr zhang hao were not up for now. ther
Dec 5, 2013 5:00am PST
and hamburg on friday. israel's environment ministers in turkey for a un sponsored conference it's the first time a member of the israeli cabinet has visited the country since twenty ten. relations were silent when he's ready mom disco nine to peace activists triassic when the vessel find a seat in israeli blockade on hamas ruled gaza. the sense in the southern philippines have released a jordanian television jana stupid been held captive free entry hall bake at tea on the anti stupidity that crewman been kidnapped in june twenty twelve by abu sayyaf medicines you take on to interview his two companions of the dos february. and mm the news. straight to the newsreader. due to business and sports. it was also a unique music selection listen and you'll see. euro news review is unreadable and your new store called slash reading. most digital music at full speed could be stalled until twenty ten due to the who. a stroll. let's take a quick look at the opera contains the best rates and opting to buy the semi final spot on the last world cup job are determined to reach the twenty fourteen finals an
Dec 5, 2013 6:30pm PST
violence. and all that wisdom and maturity. we could be. experience has shown that environs in acts most of the blood of the sections of society. this is in no one's interest. he finds it to the old cement among the sheep pen a stitch a casino and be in the supreme own a company that zia had at the national vote in the country scheduled for next month. singh said india hopes to see a korean pancakes on the bench as nonsense and democracy in the nation at the forthcoming election. with respect and democratic institutions. this is the crusade since he bought it. the hope that the forthcoming elections with this on to the aspirations of the people in poverty. and that the baby feet stay in particular and peaceful. i find quite accepted in. the she's scheduled to go to polls lunch and eat its mystical a tough call but the opposition alliance. and the base has been tipped by a series of being the sponsors have done since they can tell that to question i've seen come and see christine end up going to step down and kind of attire the nonpartisan can't eat the government. yes main opposition but
Dec 4, 2013 12:00am PST
. it is the pyramid of hate. we have to interrupt that cycle and let kids grew up in an environment in which they feel thereabout, save, where is no bullying, no name-calling, no humiliation, because if we don't the culture becomes one that injures them, and some of the kids feel so bad about themselves they will get depressed and hurt themselves, and others will turn around and try to hurt others. we need to have a society that cares about others, not just the kids problems. tavis: over the next five years, going tonow, we are celebrate, commemorate a number of seminal moment in american history. you were around for. not just around four, but you were there. you were integral to it, so you weren't there 150 years ago at the emancipation rock imation signing, but that was 150 years proclamationpation signing, but that was 150 years ago. then 50 years since the civil rights act. the next five years are going to be full of these anniversaries. >> than the anniversary on selma . >> i am only raising that to arc people the view of the of what happened 150 years ago that we are going to be commemorating ov
Dec 2, 2013 9:00pm EST
. mr. smith thinks that's important when it comes to the environment. i think it's important for the environment and for protecting our inventors. this principle applies to patent review as it does to environmental regulations. the patent officials say they don't want the judicial review. why is it? they say it is too burdensome, never mind that very few people have such claims, but we're going to eliminate that right and that option because it's inconvenient for our bureaucracy. it's absurd and for that reason alone that bill should be defeated. the legislation going before the house is consistent with a decades' long war. here are a few of the provisions of the bill. t will create more paperwork when an inventor has to file a claim, it increases the paperwork necessary for him to file the claim and thus is not more expensive, but increases the possibility that his claim will be denied because of a technical mistake in the paperwork. louiser pay sounds pretty good. if you file a bad suit or lose a suit, the loser is going to pay the legal expenses, what does that do when you
Al Jazeera America
Dec 9, 2013 10:00am EST
't be surprised if that existed. aid agencies are working in some of the most difficult environments in somalia. but one thing that aid agencies can do together is to have a collective strategy to negotiate collectively to get an union formed access to al-shabaab her tores to deliver assistance. >> thank you. speaking to us from mogadishu. >>> venezuela's president said this he will force businesses to cut prices. he had 49% of the votes. the coalition will be a test of the government. this is the reaction of president madu ro against his opponent. >> we have doubts of people of venezuela have told the world that the revolution continues. >> the results, according to the national electoral council is thaisthat this is a divided cou. do we want a divide venezuela? no, we want an united venezuela. >> singapore has set up an inquiry to investigate the city's worse riots in years. 27 people were arrested after two police vehicles were set on fire. charles stratford reports. >> reporter: a police car under attack on the streets of singapore. the crowd eventually overturned the vehicle. others they s
Dec 6, 2013 7:00am EST
of these things give us a predisposition. that does not mean we are going to get the disease. the environment, behavior, social aspects of life, all of these things influence it. it is the interplay, especially for more common diseases, hypertension, diabetes. we know that there is an interplay. genetic predisposition but in terminal contributions. -- but environmental contributions, what you are eating, how much you exercise. i want to emphasize that genomics is a key part of this puzzle but it is not the only part. host: from maryland, william is joining us. dr. eric green at nih. -- i wasy question is in vietnam and i can't malaria. i stayed in the field house for three months. when i came back to fort brag, i had a relapse. i am having problems. i cannot hear that well. warts growing out of me. the va cut the amount. -- cut them out. what kind of side effect or long-term effect is this? host: can you adjust that? thet: dr. fauci would be expert on that. this is an infectious disease. i would refer you to the institute that he runs to get the sort of insight. what i will tell you to make t
Dec 2, 2013 9:00am PST
are facing increasingly tough business environment. opening the door for domestic manufacturers to grow and contribute to the content success story. to put this in turn means the world. i do. more than one thousand people in the womb largest democracy the word region's culture and religion. investors are increasing the property. for the kids. you can use. zz. us vice president joe biden has arrived in japan and will soon step into a dispute that's generating plenty of friction in east asia will be meeting the leaders in tokyo beijing and seoul to talk about china's newly established arab defense identification zone. biden will sit down on tuesday with japanese prime minister shinzo lafayette ave has called the zone very dangerous. chinese defence ministry officials announced last month they set up the cell. it covers a large part of the east china sea and includes islands the japanese controlled but the chinese and taiwanese plane. my dad will have to try to forgive the chicken the vice president will meet on wednesday with pressing she's in pain and other chinese leaders. analysts say
Dec 3, 2013 9:00am PST
work environment for women. prime minister ahmed has made it a priority to create more opportunities for women in the workplace as part of his economic growth strategy. my dad also met japan's crown prince. not a people the crown prince expressed his gratitude for us support after northeastern japan was hit by the earthquake and tsunami in march two thousand and eleven i am i authorities in thailand all are trying to defuse protests by people who oppose the prime minister. they're fairly aiming to avoid more violence before the birthday of the king this week. tall pots and a ruler in bangkok as the story. ideally i'm trying a different approach with anti government protest is on tuesday that are nearby caves around the office of the primates standing watching a lot and let them onto the grounds of ten they say and bart's want to stop the demonstrations from any team ahead of the case then they are the best day of the protest is making it clear they won't back down until the prime minister resigns. one daily and thirty three used a gas and water cannons to repel the frame protest is t
Dec 4, 2013 10:00am EST
, safe environments. working, safe and collaborative environments. you can't tell me a district or state or country that works where that notion of collaboration as opposed to competition, that notion of welcoming a safe environment so that schools are central to communities are not the dominant theory as opposed to testing and sanctioning. and so that's what we are rying to do. work with community, bottom up, align with solutions that communities need, great neighborhood public schools and ultimately really trying to make sure that every -- that public education is an anchor of our dreaks, a propeller of our community and probably most important, really, really make sure that we give and figure out how to enable all kids to have the opportunity to not only dream their dreams but achieve them. >> all of that event later on in our program schedule on the c-span networks. you'll also find it live shortly at here on c-span, we're waiting for the house to gavel back in. they'll be in shortly for a rule vote. two bills under consideration. one, if they pass the rule today, they'll
Dec 3, 2013 4:00am EST
expertise in london. and also things like energy, environment, that's also uk is very, very strong. so i think both sides are looking at opportunities both for investments of china's capital in the uk, but also how the uk businesses could share a bigger size of the cake. because the uk investment is minuscule compared with other european countries in china. >> yeah. and do you think this will help london become the major offshore trading center for the renminbi? >> i think london is very well positioned, indeed, because after all, london is the leading financial center in the world and, of course, the china's bands also are already being welcomed in london and, in fact, recently, the china businesses consortium has bought a sizable chunk of the area next to the city of london. so that gives the china business an opportunity to be near the financial center, bring in china's businesses to london. but, of course, london is a launching plat for china's businesses all around europe. so i think london is very well positioned, indeed, in terms of financial services. >> boris johnson will hear y
Dec 7, 2013 12:00am EST
of these things give us a predisposition, but that doesn't mean that we will get this. the environment, the behavior, the social aspects of life, all of these things are influenced and it is the interplay, especially for these were common diseases like hypertension and diabetes and so forth. we know that there is an interplay and a genetic predisposition of what you are eating and how much exercise you are getting and so on and so forth. so this is where it gets very complicated, but i want to make sure that i emphasize that the genomic is a key part of this puzzle. >> host: we have doctor eric green, please go ahead with your question or comment. >> caller: hello, i was in vietnam and i caught malaria and when i came back to fort bragg, i had a relapse. i am having problems and i cannot hear that well. and i have these warts or what whatever growing out of me and the va cut it out. what kind of long-term effect will this have? >> the person that spoke with me on these interviews would really be the expert on that. this is an expert on infectious disease and we have a world expert on t
Dec 6, 2013 3:00pm EST
in an environment where the mall is incredibly promotional. there's not a lot of newness out there in the marketplace. and i think that their customer base is already used to these promotions and wants more out there. then you take into account as well the inventory of the sales spread is widening. comps are becoming more difficult. they're making numbers but based on share buyback and more aggressive cost cutting. we think at current levels there's not a lot of levers to pull. we don't disagree with adrian about the long-term opportunity but right here, right now, the way the whole group is looking into the holiday season, why get involved? why take the risk today? >> what do you think, adrian? >> we have a 12-month view of this stock. i would say few retailers, everyone is under promotional pressure. merchandise margins are down. if you can pull other levers, buy back stock of which they bought back 4% of their shares in the third quarter, very committed to shareholder value. and touch the st&a lever, to us in the near term while the environment remains very soft, if you ca
Dec 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
and restaurants to suit every taste and nationality. >> part of the concept was to create an environment, when people came in, they didn't feel like they were in a hospital. >> what's wrong with-- i mean, this is a hospital. what's wrong with looking like a hospital? >> 'cause nobody really wants to go to a hospital. >> would you go back? >> oh, i'm going back this fall, yeah. >> why? >> i'm going back to see my doctor and have a checkup again. > he'll have to take a 22-hour flight. but there's even an upside to that. is it true that i can pay for a checkup with frequent flyer miles? >> well, we do have a very unique relationship with thai airways. so you can buy a ticket, you can use frequent flyer mileage to get your check-up. >> whatever it takes to get your business. >> and this is not the only hospital trying to outsource healthcare, is it? >> oh, my goodness, no. [chuckles] yes, we certainly have not gone unnoticed. there are hospitals throughout asia, throughout india. >> up next, india competes for the market in foreign patients. >> that's the ambition, that india should become the wor
Dec 8, 2013 6:00pm EST
of the factors that contradicted to the success. >> bali is a beautiful environment for this type of compromise. setting forxed negotiations. ink about what this means terms of precedents for the very heightened talks on subsidies for the next stage in terms of agreements?l this is one in the most sensitive issues. does this set a precedent for further talks? >> it to. i hear the tone of all of the aveloping economies, reservation to the subsidization that was done by the developed economies. this is a horizontal imbalance. the package that was approved to toow developed economies to do socialization -- subsidization. there are hundreds of millions of farmers. the just issued a few security law. indonesia has 250 million people. we have a lot of farmers. we have a lot of people to feed. our ability to do stockholding of certain staples and subsidization i think will be for not only us but the developing economies. it will set a process -- precedent in terms of treating the nuance for the purpose of rebalancing the imbalances we might have seen in the past many years. >> top specifically about h
Dec 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
was freedom of expression but i've also grown up in an environment where there is no freedom of expression. i've always spoken my mind and suffered the consequences. so pretty when it goes without saying i am for freedom of speech and his country and the rest of the world like freedom of expression to be that you can say whatever you want someone punching you in the face for a fee the reality is different. i know but i am ready to suffer consequences for what i'm saying. this is an example of the line which has infuriated muslims by pay to misery by rachel skulls and joker on and do it is true prophets late last month of copenhagen central station the ir hassan was attacked by a muslim radical with a conviction for terrorism. he shouted you are an infidel you deserve to thaw. since then his head protection from denmark's crack special approach and it was much in evidence when he came to speak. it's going to and so the monks that city. he was whisked through the barricades in a bulletproof car off the threats against his life this is bowls mosul which is perhaps the most toughest yet it has a
Al Jazeera America
Dec 3, 2013 6:00am EST
between economic growth and protecting the environment. in our second report on the tanning industry, we look at whether environmental laws are enforced. >> blood red and loaded with coxic chemicals, tainted water gushes from one of the taken tanners in the district. they produce huge amounts of waste, full of cancer-causing chemicals. the water drains straight into the streams and open sewers of this dentally populated neighborhood, home to 160,000 people. streets and alleys are piled high with cost off leather trimmings, bones and rotting animal parts. >> if you wanted to know how hell looks like, you don't really wait to go to the hell. if you come to the tannery and have a look at the tannery area, that should tell you. >> scientists say the river is a dead zone, aquatic life can't exist there any longer. >> a new report just put out by a group of european and environmental watchdog organizations. one of the five most polluted places on the planet. >> leather is one of bangladesh's most valuable export commodities. human rights organization found no attempt by authorities to crack do
Dec 4, 2013 4:00am EST
rate environment, you know, the cost of ownership of gold disappear, right? >> yes. >> and with the perception that that world is changing and presumably that is having a marked investment -- >> absolutely. >> and the other thing is, if we're going to ease up on qe, there is that edge. those two things go away, don't they? we haven't seen the final outcome of what qe does. i don't think we've seen what it does when it gets removed. definitely, though, it is about real interest rates. that's what really moves gold long-term is if you're get ago strong return on u.s. treasuries, obviously, investment in gold is going to be less urgent for you. definitely in 2013 what you're seeing is the perception of rising rates. but we haven't had them yet. it's about what is coming down the pipe in terms of real interest rates. >> yeah. and, of course, how much investors have unloaded. do we know how much investors have unloaded from what -- >> well, the etf went into this year with record high holdings. if you look again, you'll find that, yes, there was a sell-off in the spring
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am EST
an environment where we can compete in the world. marching valiantly towards 1970 is no way of doing that. try and get the people out of work into what to do that, massive reform. why are we giving more money to french farmers than we do to universities? that is the future. i want to stay in, but i want to stay in a reformed europe. if they won't reform big time, frankly, we would be better out. >> thank you very much, lord digby jones, a man never to sit on the front. we'll be hearing from the chancellor soon and the labor party chancellor, as well. >> yes. i don't want to be the person digby hits on, but it's good to see him. thanks for that, helia. you can tell him that, by the way. we get along quite well. we have got coverage of the chancellor's statement coming up in 20 minutes. the viewers in europe which, of course, does include the uk i know some people think the uk isn't in europe, but it is. it says so on my passport. on the agenda today, we have an issue of jobless claims set to release at 8:30. it's a good preview of what might come tomorrow with the employment report. also at 8:3
Dec 6, 2013 4:00am EST
environment. >> steven, some people note the correlation between the dollar and the u.s. ten-year treasury yield has broke b down of late. do you think that is the case? >> well, it's kind of broken down the last two or three days. which isn't fair to judge a correlation. but i think the key issue is this -- that what we've seen over the last couple of days is the market has had to adjust rapidly its expectations of tapering is that volatility indications, indication of risk, the vix has backed up and that offset a lot of the positive impact that a higher interest rate has on the currency because risk managers tell you you can't hold as much, that they're worried about their value at risk. i think, though, that the volatility won't come down and we'll see the dollar rally again. >> steve, we've got more time with us. steven englander with some ideas there for us. >>> let's take a look at today's other top stories. deutsche bank has pulled the plug on commodities trading to become the first bank to exit the sector due to pressures. it will cut 200 jobs as it sees energy, agriculture, metals
Dec 4, 2013 12:00pm EST
paradigm a much more conducive environment i think ultimately stand to lose a great deal as we go forward. so as i consider the achievements and this transformational moment, the one thing i would say is that there are a couple of characteristics of the american health sector that are going to remain somewhat unique to america. the first i would argue is that unlike every other industrialized country, united states has never really had what i would call a system. we refer to it as a health care system, but if you define a system is having a central administrator and a central decision-making authority, we've never had that. what we have is a collage of subsystems, both public and private here the medicare and medicaid systems, subsystems being some of the more significant public. our whole private health insurance, one of the more private systems but we also have entitlement care and the veterans administration. and uncompensated care that we all pay for in very inefficient ways, in the emergency room and in other ways as people are unable to pay for the own health care. so all of those s
Dec 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
of the paper. as we move to the electronic environment, the compliance rate will go up and then i'll see the number drop over time. so the answer to your question is, is i fix it by putting procedures in place that drive the ro in the right direction and put system i think i think if -- fixes in place that force the behavior to ensure the veteran gets the right decision. >> before i yield, e i remind you and remind everybody how many times secretary sat there and talked about accountability. you do all the system call stuff you want. if you are not motivating people to do it, i know they are highly motivated people who want to do right by the veteran. there's a lack of accountability there. and across the board, but with that i'll yield to mr. oh -- >> thank i apologize for missing the second half of the hearing. i'll get ab update how you responded to the specific issues raised by ms. price and the veteran service organizations that were here. so just briefly bring up two issues. one, is in el paso at fort bliss we have 1800 cases, 1100 are backlogged at the derail site in seattle. and
Dec 2, 2013 9:00am EST
will be very good. i think the regulatory environment will pressure people to have one on one relationships with clients undisturbed by the oversight that's meant for balance sheets and i'm not saying it's bad. >> i'm not following you. >> think a lot of oversight in place is to stop massive errors, balance sheet errors. if you have a trillion dollars of derivatives, multiple sites of oversight is important. i think it's in direct contradiction. the most important thing is multikl points of information, transparency where everyone knows when's going on. this is the exact opposite. we sometimes working on a transaction right now where i would say five or six people in the firm know about it. that's the way we like it. secrets are often betrayed solely because of the number of people involved. not because anybody has a bad, you know, a bad idea in their head. it's just the number of people. >> interesting. you know, you mentioned slow, steady progression in m&a but the slow is one to emphasize. this is not a good year by many standards for merger and acquisition activity. >>s no at boom year
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